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Bytellect LLC continues working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Following local and CDC recommendations for the health and safety of our clients and local community, we have temporaily suspended on-site training, on-site consulting/support, and in-person meetings. Please contact us via email or through our secure contact form to discuss your requirements. Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s what our onsite training clients say about our courses!

Excellent course, superb materials, very well organized!”

The best training investment we’ve made in a long time.”

The explanations were clear and memorable.”

I began applying many of the concepts the next day at work.”

I could have used this course a long time ago. It finally makes sense now.”

I would definitely recommend this course to others!”

One of the best classes I have ever taken...anywhere!”

Learned more practical techniques in one day than I picked up in a whole semester of school.”

Very relevant and practical. I’ll start using the new skills immediately.”

The course materials and presentation were very well organized, easy to follow, and will be a great resource.”

Compared with other training I’ve had, this course was excellent!”

An exceptional learning experience. One of the best, most informative courses I’ve attended.”

The course helped me break bad coding habits and establish good ones.”

Thanks for a course filled with useful information and excellent practical examples.”

The sample source code and the instructor’s code walkthroughs were invaluable.”

The team raved about the training you provided, and they want to know how soon we’re bringing you back!”

The course content was very complete and interesting.”

I’ve taken a course on the same topic before, but it was nothing compared to this one.”

Wow! I can’t remember the last time we got such a great return on investing in onsite training.”

We could have listened to you for many more hours. Your superb delivery style and content made yesterday’s training session one of the most memorable and valuable presentations I’ve attended. Even our usual "sleepers" stayed awake.”