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Bytellect LLC continues working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Following local and CDC recommendations for the health and safety of our clients and local community, we have temporaily suspended on-site training, on-site consulting/support, and in-person meetings. Please contact us via email or through our secure contact form to discuss your requirements. Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s what our students say about their instructor!

Taking this course from a real instructor greatly improved the quality of my learning.”

The instructor’s knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing it were unsurpassed.”

This instructor is top-of-the-line in every way. You can’t pay him enough or hire better.”

Ken Gregg is an excellent instructor!”

Mr. Gregg is a very informative, entertaining, and effective instructor.”

Mr. Gregg was extremely knowledgeable on the subject.”

Excellent instructor. Very enthusiastic and able to hold my attention.”

The instructor dug deep to answer all questions in full detail, and made it enjoyable with his entertaining style.”

Extremely knowledgeable, well-prepared, patient, and entertaining.”

The instructor does a great job and really knows the material. One of the very best instructors I’ve ever had.”

Clear, concise, knowledgeable. Always open to questions and discussion.”

The instructor is clearly a leader in the field, and is very engaging and personable.”

An outstanding instructor, excellent communication skills, very patient, and made it fun.”

Ken Gregg is a gifted instructor who knows his stuff and conducts the course with class.”

The best programming instructor I’ve ever seen. He makes things fun and breaks topics down to their very core.”

The instructor knew the material inside and out.”

Mr. Gregg focused on helping us learn by explaining concepts in multiple ways, to accommodate different learning styles.”

Where has this guy been hiding? If only I’d had this instructor years ago!”

A great instructor — clearly knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and answered all questions.”

I look forward to taking future courses from Mr. Gregg.”

I would definitely take more courses from this instructor.”

He was dedicated to making sure I understood the material.”

The best sense of humor I’ve ever seen in an instructor.”

The most qualified individual I’ve ever run across, and for that matter, I’ll probably ever run across.”

The instructor was fantastic at answering questions and at tailoring explanations to individual needs.”

Mr. Gregg clearly cares about ensuring that everyone understands the material. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

Thank you for being a great instructor. You made the course enjoyable, and I’ve learned more in this course than ever before.”

The instructor was by far the best I’ve ever had. His knowledge and abilities to share it are superb. I normally don’t use superlatives to describe a classroom experience, but this is the exception.”

The instructor was excellent — interesting, organized, expert, and kind.”

The instructor is superb! None better! Well worth many times my investment.”